Read This Before You Sell Your Car

March 10, 2022
Posted by: Edrich John Pretorius

You’ve been enjoying your daily trips and perhaps the open road for a while with your unique car, bakkie or SUV – adding more kilometers to the clock. But then, all journeys come to an end, and perhaps it’s time to sell your used car.

However, there are many risks and advantages to weigh-up before you sell your car to just any private used car buyer.That’s why it’s a better option many times to rely on a professional car buyer like, who can guarantee 100% free, professional services, and a which is convenient and safe.

The more mileage you add to the clock, the less resale value you’ll get out of it for your used car. And what’s worse, the value of your car depreciates as soon as it touches the road – thus, the longer you keep your second hand car, the more it depreciates in value.


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There are many options to sell your used car.

Selling your second hand car today is probably a good decision when you know it’s time for an upgrade, or perhaps a down grade – luckily, selling a used car after a while is a common thing for car owners. Most car sellers start with used car ads aimed at private car buyers, whether it’s a cheap bakkie you want to free-up, or small SUV or luxury sedan.


  • You might get better offers
  • Advertising is free or cheap
  • You can sell without guarantee


  • Constant negotiation and very low offers.
  • Stress about the legitimacy of a private buyer
  • Risk of fraud, scams and theft.
  • Very time consuming.

Why you should trust selling your used car to a reputable used car dealership

A Professional car buyer, such as Cape Bakkie Centre, can guarantee safe and secure transactions .Have you ever considered, “Where can I get a free valuation and top offer for my car online, for free, without worrying about time, convenience and all the safety risks and haggling?”

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  5. Cape Bakkie Centre will even take care of all the required paperwork and formalities.